Nur76 Skin Lightening Advanced 3-in-1

Nur76 Skin Lightening Advanced 3-in-1
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Nur76 is the most amazing skin lightening cream ever created!

Nur76 Advanced is a super-strength skin lightener that's not only very effective but safe and free from side-effects. It is 50% more stronger than original formulation. It is made from all natural ingredients containing plant extracts. There are no chemicals such as Hydroquinone in the product which is a chemical used commonly in other skin lightening formulas. Hydroquinone is a dangerous chemical and is banned in the UK. Works best on any skin type - White or Brown Skin - Asian/Indian & Chinese, Malaysian, Tanned European & Black African/Caribbean Skin - Young & Old

Nur76 Advanced is used mainly for lightening the face in general, it can also lighten other skin pigmentation problems such as Melasma (Dark patches on skin), Mask of Pregnancy, Blemishes, Freckles, Age Spots, Liver Spots and other hyper pigmentation.

Nur76® Skin Lightening 3 in 1 Advanced is sold together with Serum Cream and Protection. ( 30ml Serum, 30ml Cream and 30ml Protection. Ideal for face & neck area.)

What can Nur76® Skin Lightening 3 in 1 Advanced do for you?

  • Lightens the skin in 90 days or less!
  • Protects skin from the sun
  • Helps to gradually fade out:
  • Freckles and colour-blotches
  • Uneven skin tones and melasma
  • Age spots & liver-spots
  • Acne and pimple marks
  • Fades out dark under eye circles
  • Helps reverse photo-damaged skin cells while improving and preventing pigmentation problems.
  • Helps to promote effectiveness of vitamin C & builds capillary strength.
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production.
  • Reduces hyper-pigmentation, fights free radical and UV damage.
  • Fades out dark lines associated with aging, wrinkles and laugh lines.
  • Fades out shaving scars, razor bump marks, and dark shadows.
  • Gradually lightens the skin to a more fairer, radiant, firmer younger looking skin.

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